Day Care

Old Stone Village is open Monday through Friday, 6:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., year-round. We follow the town of East Haven’s school schedule for weather closings and delays.


Phone: 203-390-5977

Our Mission

Old Stone Village is a childcare center and early learning destination founded by a seasoned registered nurse and certified, veteran elementary education teacher. At Old Stone Village our mission is to educate not only the child, but the entire family. We understand that it truly takes a village to raise a child, and we would like to be part of that village.

Our Core Values

At our center, the child is our number one priority.  In addition to our curriculum, we also offer a character education program which focuses on our core values of community, helpfulness, independence, leadership and determination, also known as CHILD. Our core values are the foundation in which we achieve our mission of being a village.

Community– We provide opportunities for children to interact with key members of our community helpers through community outreach.Helpfulness– We foster an environment where early learning experiences support children to acquire adaptive skills such as feeding routines, safety and responsibility, dressing and hygiene.Independence-Teachers facilitate a well-rounded environment where children are able to grow into independent thinkers and learners through their own curiosity and initiative.Leadership-We encourage our children to become leaders among their peers by proving rich experiences that support their social and emotional development.Determination– We value and instill a growth mindset in our children where task persistence is modeled and expected.

Our Center’s Academic Philosophy

In our village, we focus on the importance of allowing children to build their understanding about the world around them through thematic concepts. Each week we focus on a specific theme which follows the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards. We have found that children are able to build their schema through the repeated exposure and practice each week with content related directly to the theme. We are required to comply with the regulations set by the State of Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood for the license of our childcare center.

Ages Served

We are licensed to provide full and part-time care to children aged six weeks through three years six months old. Our classrooms currently offer infant through toddler care. Our infant room enrolls children from six weeks through fifteen months. Our middle classroom known as our waddler classroom serves children from fifteen  months through twenty-four months, and our Toddler classroom serves children twenty-four months through three years six months of age. If you are interested in joining our waitlist, please reach out to a member of our administration team. In addition to our childcare center, our building also houses a licensed preschool program. Although we hold a separate license from the preschool, we offer a transition assistance program. Preschool applications become available to our villagers during spring for enrollment in the following fall. Our villagers are offered preferential enrollment to the preschool program upstairs prior to anyone not already enrolled within. Please note that students must be three years of age and potty trained in order to attend the preschool program.